We marry two independently managed portfolios

The 576 Income Fund is designed to allow investors to be invested in the stock market without having to worry about the day to day market volatility. This hedged equity strategy is designed to help our clients meet their investment goals by allowing them to earn a predictable income stream that grows over time.

We have three objectives.  The first is to invest in stocks that have shown the ability to pay a reliable dividend that increases over time.  The second is to invest in companies that we believe will increase in value over the long term.  The third is to limit losses so that our clients don’t have to worry what will happen if there is a severe decline in the market.

about the 576 income fund

"Costless" Hedging is a term we coined to describe our innovative process of paying for downside protection on our equity portfolios. Instead of using a traditional covered call approach to finance the cost of hedging, we utilize a trading system designed to generate additional income for the portfolio.  This trading system pays for the protective puts without severely compromising the long term return potential of the fund.

If you would like to learn more about how you can protect your portfolio from catastrophic losses without giving up all of the potential for future gains, please give us a call. We will be happy to show you how The 576 Income Fund could fit into your overall investment strategy.


  • Provide a Predictable Income Stream - by owning high quality, dividend paying stocks
  • Generate Long Term Appreciation - by owning companies with a history of growing their dividends
  • Offset Inflationby owning companies that do well during periods of inflation
  • Protect against the Downsideby using protective puts to limit how much we can lose in any one stock